Low light Advance Carbine clinic April 13th SOLD OUT

Low light Advance Carbine clinic April 13th SOLD OUT
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  • Adv Carbine clinic:  This class teaches the fundaments on how to effectively control your firearm in a safe manner that gives the operator confidence and control. Course covers the following.

           - ammunition malfunctions (squib,misfire,hangfire)                     Requirements:

           - gear setup                                                        - plate carrier, rig set-up

           - stance/hold                                                       - 400 rounds of ammunition primary 200 secondary

           - malfunction drills                                               - Min 4x magazine for rifle, min, 2x magazine for pistol

           - shooting drills                                                   - Single point or 2 point sling for rifle & holster for pistol

           - speed reload drills                                              - weapon mounted light

           - AR fundamentals                                               - Closed toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen & hat

           - moving team                                                     - eyes & ears 

           - transition drills                                                   - bring a lunch

           $160 per student


Angeles Shooting Range  1:00pm to 7:00pm

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